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Kacey & Chwanda
Co-parent 7 teens and pre-teens! Edward (23), Kimoni (22), Louis (21), Kimari (20), Daviyon (20), Kimron(18) and Katherine (17).

We had both been friends with each others sisters but connected at the party of a friend.  From that meeting, we became friends on Facebook.  Conversations and chats turned into love.  We began dating on April 5, 2010.  We relocated from Illinois to Georgia in August 2011. 

We had a civil union in Waukegan, Illinois on April 7, 2012.  We were surround by love, family and friends.

Even though we had a civil union, we want the official titles of "WIFE", not domestic partner or any of the other names that are substituted for wife in a same-sex relationship.

Driving across the country with each other and our children is the ULTIMATE way that we can show our love to each other AND the world!

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